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Ranges within main panels

The charts below show the range in outcomes across the sub-panels within each main panel, with the data are drawn from the average FTE-weighted overall profiles. Information for the 2014 outcomes is provided for context. Some caution is advised in looking across exercises, particularly for outputs profiles, due to changes made to the submission of staff and outputs for REF 2021.

The unit of assessment (UOA) structure for REF 2021 remained largely consistent with the broader, fewer UOAs introduced in REF 2014. In keeping with that exercise, detailed procedures were put in place to ensure that the standards of assessment were consistently applied across the sub-panels. These mechanisms included calibration exercises within each main panel and sub-panel, main panel member attendance at sub-panel meetings, and ongoing review of emerging data at main and sub-panel level, and main panel review of the standards being applied within the sub-panels. In signing-off the results, each main panel satisfied itself that standards had been applied consistently.