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Submission system security

The submission system is built using Microsoft Azure, a cloud based hosting platform.  Using a platform such as this has allowed the system to be developed in an inherently secure way.

The team take the security of the data in the system very seriously.  The system has undergone penetration testing via a 3rd party supplier to ensure that the system is safeguarded against malicious attacks.  Details of the findings of the penetration testing are on our website.

User vulnerability

It is crucial to the security of the system and the data contained that users remain vigilant about malicious attacks.  Protect your login details.  Never share your login details.  User different passwords for all the systems that you have access to.  Awareness of cyber attacks protects not only the Submission system but also all of your personal data.

The REF technical security guidance has been produced to inform users of how the REF will communication.  The guidance contains information to help users be confident that the communications they receive from the REF team are legitimate and to help identify potential malicious content.