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Development of the Submission system is almost complete. Development for the final submit functionality will be undertaken in Autumn 2020.  Maintenance releases will continue over the summer whilst the development team turn their focus to development of the systems required for the assessment phase.  User support will continue as normal for the submission system, see the user support page for details of how to get in touch.

The official launch of the REF 2021 submission system in February will deliver the final data entry form to the system.  Details below are of the remaining features to be delivered in the early part of 2020.

January 2020

  • REF5a
  • Bulk validation (REF2 and REF6)
  • Submit for REF6

mid February 2020

  • REF1b
  • REF1b import / export (beta)
  • REF5a  export
  • REF5b  export

early March 2020

  • REF5a import
  • REF5b import
  • Bulk validation for further forms
  • Bulk output matching

March 2020

  • Bulk citations
  • Reports
  • News

April 2020

  • Reports
  • Import / export joint submissions
  • Research Groups enhancements

July 2020

  • Additional reports
  • Output PDF upload

September 2020

  • Changes resulting from the revised guidance

Last updated : 31/07/2020