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The guidance and criteria for the institutional-level environment statement has been developed by the Institutional-Level Environment Pilot Panel (ILEPP), and will be published shortly. The panel will engage directly with institutions at these workshops in order to consult on the proposed approach. Feedback from these events will be considered in the development of the final guidance and criteria for the institutional-level environment statement.

For REF 2021 institutions will complete form REF 5a, institutional level environment statement, which will be assessed by the ILEPP in order to determine the viability of this for future exercises. Institutions will submit an institutional-level environment statement which will be reviewed by a pilot panel to inform the inclusion of an explicit institutional element in future exercises. This will be made available to the UOA assessment panels and will inform the panels’ assessment of the unit-level information, but will not be separately scored.

The workshops are aimed at senior managers and research professionals involved in developing their institution’s institutional-level environment statement. The half day workshops will take place from 10:00-1300, and will be held as follows:

  • Monday 13 May – Manchester
  • Wednesday 15 May - Glasgow
  • Thursday 16 May – London

Places at this event are free; however, will be limited to a maximum of two participants per institution across the three workshops (not per event). Please ensure individuals are registered for one date/location only.

We are requesting that institutions register their representatives at their closest workshop, in order to help us manage numbers attending.

Click here to register for these workshops.